Monday, 13 January 2014


Researching in to my next project at college (FMP) I stumbled across these collections which instantly caught my eye not just because of the sensual colour red but the ladylike style.

(Top left, Prada) The vivid red of the full circle skirt is what drew my attention as well as the contrast of the black off shoulder top which is my one of my favourite Audrey styles.

(Bottom left, Jonathan Saunders) The unlikely combination of the red and the baby pink really stood out to me as I, myself wouldn't of thought of pairing these colours together even though I really do like them more than usual at the moment.

(Top Right, Nina Ricci) What can I say about this desirable two piece suit. It has everything going for it! Lately I have a love for two piece suits and this one is the perfect one as it's red, off the shoulder and is incredibly classy, It would be impossible to not feel sophisticated in it.

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