Tuesday, 25 February 2014


 I have had this love for lipsticks for years now and now I can not bare to leave the house with lipstickless lips. When it comes to lipsticks I do believe that if you buy a cheap lipstick, it will look cheap so I find myself purchasing a lot of MAC lipsticks, especially the Matte ones as I'm not a fan of shine ones. I was given the 'Rouge coco' Chanel one and although it's not as matte as my other ones, I do still quite enjoy it. Majority of my lipsticks are red, as red makes me feel quite feminine and overpowering when I wear it. I have purchased Twig lately for those lazy days and the finish of it is in fact satin but it actually looks matte which is why I bought it. Mac lipsticks are £15 but are definitely worth the price as they last forever and are definitely good quality as well as having a lovely vanilla smell to them.


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