Tuesday, 8 April 2014


I have always had a bottle of Chanel for when I needed it but for the past few months I have been low on that scent of the gods! I don't quite think the scent of Chanel No5 is for me yet as I'm only 18 and I associate it with the older woman as it's a scent I recognise my mam with. I have a grand collection of perfumes thanks to my dad as with him working away, I have claimed quite a few but I was lucky to recieve parfum this time which is obviously pretty much stronger than eau de toilette! The box itself is just lovely with the signature pink box but the sides are a golden metallic which just makes it precious, I just love the simplicity of the bottle as the focus is much more on the scent and Chanel doesn't need over the top promotion and boxing to sell this perfume as it's just lovely for those days to brighten yourself up and feel good about yourself

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